Digitization in a mobile world

We will find the right strategy for your Startup and Company

Seize opportunities

Take off with the right idea

The current situation is challenging for everyone. Established processes are turned upside down and work processes and consumer behavior are changed in the long term.

While many will fail, you can benefit and emerge stronger from it, because it was never easier to conquer the world with the right idea.

Speed is the key

Save time through efficient implementation

A good idea is just the beginning. We will help you to review and optimize your idea and within two weeks we will develop an interactive click dummy as the basis for your finished product. Thanks to our tried and tested processes, you can save months of development time and five to six-digit development costs.

Multichannel, responsive, native….

Don't let keywords stress you out.

We analyze your products and services as well as your digital strategy and then check your mobile strategy for weaknesses and optimization possibilities.

If you have not yet set up a mobile strategy, we would be happy to develop one for you.

In both cases, you will receive a blueprint and be prepared for the future.

Past, present, future

Why is mobile so important?

The majority of consumers now access the Internet via mobile devices and use the corresponding offers to obtain information, exchange ideas and shop – both B2C and increasingly B2B.

It is therefore essential to offer your products and services through dedicated applications or channels. Those who do not position themselves accordingly not only ignore sales potential, but also fall behind the competition.


mobile too


mobile first


mobile only

Intelligence & Consulting

Our Services

Creation of pitch decks, click dummies, Business and financial plans

Review / optimization of your mobile strategy and marketing concept

Sparring partner for mobile business ideas and processes

Intros to the leading smartphone manufacturers


Why us?

We are experts in the field of digitization and mobile business with over 20 years of experience in the Internet and 15 years of mobile experience. During this time we have carried out countless projects for startups, publishers, agencies, SMEs and several DAX companies.

We are independent and concentrate purely on excellent advice. We do not earn from additional services such as app development or line items. So you can be sure that our only concern is to develop the best strategy for you.

Tan Toan Nguyen ​

Founder of mobilestrategy.io

– 20 years of internet projects (including Komatsu, Sony and many others)

– 15 years of mobile business

– 11 years consultant for Samsung Mobile (Services and Strategy)

– Cooperations with all leading companies in the mobile industry, including Telekom, Vodafone, Telefonica, 1und1, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Asus and ViVo

mobilestrategy.io vs alone

Your alternatives

You do it alone

You read yourself a long time into the matter or put an employee on it

Instead of simply implementing an educated strategy, work your way through hundreds of links, articles, and posts. However, the knowledge remains superficial and theoretical

You lose time that your competitors may already be using

Every decision is made with the thought of whether you have missed something

You register for a free consultation

You can sit back and let us do the work

We work out an individual mobile strategy for you or optimize yours

You benefit from insider knowledge, gained from decades of work with the leading companies in the mobile industry. This knowledge cannot be found in articles

We have an excellent network and can establish contacts and help with cooperation requests if necessary

If not now, then when?

If you find the offer interesting, do not hesitate.

Successful entrepreneurs are characterized by the fact that they do not put off important things, but tackle them.

Especially nowadays there is hardly anything more important than digitization with a corresponding mobile strategy.

During the consultation we clarify all possible questions and doubts. It’s also absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose.

Lean & transparent process

Your initial consultation process

1. Inquiry

Press the button “Make a consultation/appointment now” and fill out the short contact form.

Duration: 1-2 minutes

2. Analysis

One of our experts will contact you and briefly go through your offer and current strategy with you.

Duration: 5-10 minutes

3. Advice

Together, we will develop an individual strategy that will save you money and achieve your goals at the same time.

Duration: approx. 45 minutes



Be there!


Due to our comprehensive support, we can only support a limited number of clients at the same time. That is why we are very selective and only work with people whom we are sure to help and whose products or services we can identify with.

What is important here is the willingness to invest in strategies and the ability to make quick decisions.

If this philosophy appeals to you, we would love to speak to you – without any obligation. In any case, this consultation is free of charge for you. As a thank you, you will also receive a white paper with the most important basics about mobile business.

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Then we will outline an individual, optimized mobile strategy for you.

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